[Kst] Plugins of type filter

Andrew Walker arwalker at sumusltd.com
Wed Dec 14 19:20:57 CET 2005

Hi Nicolas,

I believe you should be able to declare an "output" attribute
which gives the name of the output vector that you want to
use. You only need to specify this if there is more than one
output vector. Similarly there is an "input" attribute.


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I was wondering about something:
When a plugin has the <filter/> tag in its .xml description file, it
shows up automatically in the RMB "Filter" context menu and when invoked
in this way, leads to the automatic creation of a new curve, added to
the current plot. 
Now, my question is: is it possible for that plugin to provide more than
one vector output (for example frequencies, magnitude and phase to be
used for a transfer function) or will this confuse kst ?
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