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George Staikos staikos at kde.org
Sat Dec 10 02:14:37 CET 2005

On Friday 09 December 2005 13:38, Ted Kisner wrote:
> It seems to me (and this is just my opinion) that Kst2DPlot is a classic
> case of code where (important and essential) features were added at random
> without an overall design goal.

  I fully agree.

> Personally, I think we should do as little as possible to these files until
> 1.2 is released- even if it means reducing release criterion.  Then we
> should just scrap it and do a wholesale refactoring of Kst2DPlot.  Note I'm
> not suggesting getting rid of features:

  This is what I'm aiming for too, but we do need to meet requirements from 
users.  I don't think many or any of them require major changes in that class 

> 1.  Make a list of all the features we can imagine kst ever supporting in
> terms of display.  Obviously we can't predict everything, but I think we
> can see 2-3 years into the future.
> 2.  Come up with a *detailed* design document where we completely specify
> all the objects to implement the funtionality we want.  Personally, I like
> to design things down to the level of specifying exactly the member
> variables, and the API of all member functions.  Most problems should
> become apparent at this point.  At this stage we should be able to
> visualize how all the display elements interact.  If we can't "see" how all
> the pieces fit/work together, then our design is not complete.  Off the top
> of my head, I can think of several objects that Kst2DPlot could be broken
> down into:
> a) 2Dplot becomes a container object that coordinates the things below
> b) renderer object
> c) axis interpretation object (time, others in the future)
> d) mouse handling object

  Yes, exactly what I would like to see too.

> 3.  There is no point to write any code until our design is complete.  In
> fact it is worse than pointless as it means we have to backpedal later.  If
> the design is complete, then we can just copy/paste any relevant
> implementation code from the current Kst2DPlot and fill in any gaps with
> new code.

   I think I need to buy a tin-foil hat.

> Less coding, more design.
> my $0.02,

  Make that $0.04 :)

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