[Kst] JS and Kst

Andrew Walker arwalker at sumusltd.com
Fri Dec 2 02:11:57 CET 2005

A few general comments on using JS in Kst:

1) If I enter commands from the JS console the objects
I create/move/resize are not updated until Kst repaints
for some other reason.

2) There should be a way to determine the size of a window.

3) When I type "exit" into the JS console and then run the
data wizard whatever windows and plots I create in the
data wizard do not appear

4) The result of typing a command into the JS console
should probably be indented so that it is easier to see

5) If the result of typing a command into the JS console
is "undefined" it would probably be better to not display anything
e.g. ellipse.move(pt); would not print anything on the next line

6) Is there any reason that the concept of plot groups is not 

7) There is documentation on CubicBezier but I don't seem able to
create such an object. Although the code is still present in Kst
I don't think it is connected to anything in either JS or the GUI.

8) It would be nice to have a DataMatrix constructor that would create
a DataMatrix from a gradient, as can be done from the GUI

9) Kst.windows[0].plot[0].legend; returns null rather than a legend object

10) Is there any reason for the "enabled" and "front" properties of the Legend
object being string values rather than boolean values?

11) Its not clear to me how I would actually get an instance of a 
DebugLogEntry. I would have expected an entry in the DebugLog
but cannot see anything there.

Other than these relatively minor problems it looks good. I think a chart
of the relationships between all the classes would make things much easier
for people.


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