[Kst] [Bug 108027] New view objects for annotating and drawing

Rick Chern rchern at interchange.ubc.ca
Tue Aug 16 20:02:33 CEST 2005

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A basic version of graphics view objects has been implemented.  Summary of features/usage (some of this is carried over from previous layout mode behaviour):

- the 3 zoom modes, layout mode, and the graphics drawing modes have been combined into one drop-down menu (with separators) on the toolbar, as only one can be active at a time 

Drawing Modes:

- 5 drawing tools have been implemented: Label, Rectangle, Line, Picture, Arrow, Ellipse

- to draw any of the graphics objects, select the corresponding drawing tool and drag anywhere in a window.  Hold down SHIFT while dragging to maintain a 1:1 ratio (for labels, pictures, rectangles, and ellipses) or draw at 0, 45, 90,... degrees (for lines and arrows)

- in any of the drawing modes, hold down CTRL to temporarily enter Layout Mode.  This allows graphics objects to be resized, deleted, moved.  Release CTRL to revert back to the previous drawing mode.  This is useful for making small corrections after drawing an object.

Layout Mode:

- to enter layout mode, select Layout Mode from the dropdown menu on the toolbar.

- single-click on any object to select it - the object's hotpoints will be displayed. For rectangular/elliptical type objects, this is 8 points (4 at the corners, 4 at the midpoints).  Drag a hotpoint to resize the object in that direction.  Hold down SHIFT while dragging to maintain the object's aspect ratio while resizing. For lines and arrows, hotpoints are shown on the 2 endpoints of the object.  Drag a hotpoint to move that endpoint.  Hold down SHIFT while dragging to maintain the slope of the line/arrow while moving the endpoint.

- dragging on a non-hotpoint area of an object moves the object.  Objects do not need to be first selected to be moved - the cursor changes to a 4-arrow cursor whenever a drag will move an object underneath.

- hold down SHIFT and single-click on objects to select/deselect multiple objects.  CTRL-A selects all objects; CTRL-SHIFT-A deselects all objects.  Dragging where there is no object draws a rubber band to select multiple objects as well.  Dragging any selected object will move all selected objects - a silhouette of the selected objects is shown as the objects are moved.

- to group selected objects, right click on any selected object and choose Group.  The group will be treated as a single object and be resized/moved as a single object.  To ungroup, right-click on a group and select Ungroup.

- double-click on an object to display the edit dialog for the object

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