[Kst] View object dialogs

George Staikos staikos at kde.org
Mon Aug 8 21:55:48 CEST 2005

I really like the way the new view object dialogs are auto-generated.  We're 
really starting to take advantage of Qt now.  I do have a few comments and 
questions though:

- Do you think it would make sense to enumerate the properties instead of 
manually creating a list of them?  Qt provides the ability to do that.
- The list that's being created has non-i18n'd strings in it.
- There is no way to set input validation/boundaries.
- Is there any reason why ThisStyleOfCapitalization was used for the property 
names, as opposed to thisStyleOfCapitalization?  Since they're available via 
introspection it would be good to keep them uniform.

I suspect one answer might be "the current method is used because it allows us 
to bind information to each property, such as the label for the UI".  Maybe 
we can extend the class in a different way, such as a function that returns 
all the sub-properties for a property that goes in the dialog.  It might help 
solve the input validation/boundary problem too, since those are typically 
also Qt properties so we could just list which properties to set when 
creating the widget.  That's basically how Designer works.

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