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Philip Rodrigues philip.rodrigues at chch.ox.ac.uk
Mon Aug 8 13:28:48 CEST 2005

On Friday 05 August 2005 18:08, Andrew Walker wrote:
> There doesn't seem to have been much/any activity on the documentation
> recently. Would this be a fair comment, and if so does it make sense for
> Douglas to try and hire a summer/co-op student to bring this up to date.

As George says, I'm working on this. My apologies for the slow progress. So 
far, I have a list of what's currently incorrect in the documentation, which 
I will fix today. If you know of anything that's missing (new features that 
aren't yet documented, etc) please do tell me. Any other comments are also 

KDE Documentation Team: http://i18n.kde.org/doc
KDE Documentation Online: http://docs.kde.org
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