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Marc-Antoine Miville-Deschenes mamd at cita.utoronto.ca
Wed Sep 22 08:38:00 CEST 2004

The bug is the following. When you are in "read to end" mode,
you hit pause and then play, you are now in "count from end"
mode. I expect to stay in "read to end" mode in that case.
In fact I expect the mode to stay what it was before I hit pause.

Does it make sens ?


On 21-Sep-04, at 11:13 PM, Barth Netterfield wrote:

> On September 21, 2004 04:46 pm, George Staikos wrote:
>> - Play should do "read to end" not "count from end"
> Ummm.... No!  Play should do 'count from end'.
> Usage Case: looking at live data.
> 	Common Setting is 10000 frames, count from end
> 	Something interesting happens.  Pause to look at it.
> 		Hit 'back 1 screen' to see what happened before.
> 	When finished, hit play to continue...
> cbn
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