[Kst] [Bug 88950] more operators for equations

Nicolas Brisset nicolas.brisset at eurocopter.com
Tue Sep 7 00:18:38 CEST 2004

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------- Additional Comments From nicolas.brisset eurocopter com  2004-09-07 00:18 -------
Nice to know comparison operators are supported, I was thinking I should add a comment to ask for them ;-)
But I definitely believe all operators should be in the list as most users will use the list as a reference of what is implemented. Power users will probably type the complete expression directly once they know the syntax, so that the length does not sound too bad to me (as long as it does not become >> 100 !).

As for bitwise operators and the fact that & actually means &&, I'd say it would be better to implement bitwise operators (especially as I need them :-)) and rename the standard AND and OR to && and ||. Another option would be to call the bitwise operators ".&" and ".|" like in Scilab/Matlab syntax if I remember it right and leave & and | for the standard ones.

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