[Kst] [Bug 85353] new default curve colors are extremely difficult to distinguish

Nicolas Brisset nicolas.brisset at eurocopter.com
Mon Sep 6 17:14:12 CEST 2004

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------- Additional Comments From nicolas.brisset eurocopter com  2004-09-06 17:14 -------
I have never had the problem of curve colors being indistinguishable from the background, but I insist (see comments #2 and #4 above) on the fact that curve colors should cycle only within a plot (or this should at least be an option).
Making the color sequence application-global sometimes also results in bad settings anyway (like if you load series of vectors from two files : it will be hard to spot which are the same).
Sure, if this is changed then in the more common case where there is only one curve per plot, there will be less fancy colors which is less appealing to the eye :-) But I think it is worth it for readability.

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