[Kst] Long Term Goals

Andrew Walker arwalker at sumusltd.com
Wed Nov 24 00:04:22 CET 2004

Here are a few unrelated comments on the Long Term Goals:

The long term goals document reflects the wishes of a marketing manager,
in that is is a wishlist of wanted bug fixes, useful features,
nice features, eye-candy features, etc. The trivial items (i.e.
simple to implement or simple to describe) should be added to 
bugzilla and removed from this document.

The difficult part now is to take this document and create a 
document that represents the view of a project manager. I think 
this should first involve setting a release date for 2.0 and then
ripping out everything that can't be done by then, based on the 
resources available. This would involve getting time estimates 
for all of the major features.

Following that would be documents from the point of view of a
development manager. This would involve creating specifications
for each new feature with UI mockups, highly detailed behaviour
descriptions. This is something we have generally been very bad at
in the past.

After that comes the class and interface design, and then implemenation.

The long term goals are clearly very aggressive. How feasible the idea is
to provide both near-real-time data viewing together with presentation
quality presenation is unclear, but can certainly be aimed at.

One feature I think we should add is journaling - which would provide a
log of all actions (vector creation, equation creation, fitting, etc.)
that are taken during a session. For any group dealing with critical data
which must be able to trace their steps this would be very useful, and
is something that the LFI is very interested in. This could be as simple
as extending the Kst Debug log, but would involve much more information
being written to it.


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