[Kst] KST and HFI

Marc-Antoine Miville-Deschenes mamd at ias.u-psud.fr
Tue Nov 23 14:27:14 CET 2004


First I also read Barth's plan for KST and I agree with most
of what's in there. After 1.0 is released we clearly need to discuss 
priorities and schedule.

The news on the HFI front are very good: last friday they finally could
reach the nominal temperature to test the bolometers (0.1 K).
Everything has been tested and is nominal. ESA is very
impressed by the project which is probably the one in best shape so far
in the Planck/Herschel consortium.
KST is doing well but a lot of frustration was expressed, especially
regarding the unavailablility of TIME. It is almost impossible to
restore data taken in the past using NUM and START
as several quantities have different sample rate.
We will start analysing the calibration data at the end of this week
and having the possibility to select data vector using their TIME
will become a requirement very soon. I would put a very high
priority on this, especially that it seems that PIOlib is behaving
well lately. Claude is gone and she will be back on Friday.
I will then be able to make a better diagnostic on the need for us to
work on PIOlib.



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