[Kst] kst_hfi_calib_branch: kdeextragear-2/kst/kst

George Staikos staikos at kde.org
Wed Nov 10 13:22:24 CET 2004

CVS commit by staikos: 

The big patch<tm>

1) Fix missing periods in messageboxes from fft widget
2) Add support for a PSD divisor, that cuts the PSD update rate to a given
   fraction of the plot update rate.  Huge CPU bonus here.
3) Greatly simplify the code for the FFT widget and move stuff from the .ui.h
   to the .ui
4) Spinboxes: use .value(), not .text().toInt().
5) Adjust the update algorithm to update data objects during pause, which is
   for the most part just empty updates that immediately return.  This is
   needed to make sure that PSDs get their timeslice.
6) Adjust PSD and plugin update to not update when not needed.
7) KstRVector sets NumNew=0 when an update is called and no new data is there.
8) Indent fft options header to designer-style.

Should we move this divisor concept into KstObject instead?  It seems
generically useful.  It's all of one variable and two non-virtual methods,
which could be added after 1.0, but it will require using the d-pointer so
soon in the case of the member variable.

  M +1 -1      datawizard.ui
  M +81 -17    fftoptionswidget.ui
  M +22 -49    fftoptionswidget.ui.h
  M +2 -0      kst2dplot.h
  M +10 -2     kstplugin.cpp
  M +46 -20    kstpsd.cpp
  M +7 -3      kstpsd.h
  M +5 -2      kstpsddialog_i.cpp
  M +5 -1      kstrvector.cpp
  M +6 -15     updatethread.cpp

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