[Kst] [Bug 92855] Major problem with ticks and axis scaling

Andrew Walker arwalker at sumusltd.com
Mon Nov 8 23:14:52 CET 2004

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------- Additional Comments From arwalker sumusltd com  2004-11-08 23:14 -------
Okay, here's my attempt to explain why this a problem.

If we have a large range [log(max)-log(min)>2 say] then
the major ticks are evenly spaced at powers of 10. Now,
If we have a small range [1:10 say, the exact same argument
applies to 10e8:10e9] then regardless of where we pick the major
ticks [1,5,10 or 2,4,6,8,10, etc] they are not evenly spaced.
If we put the major ticks at evenly spaced intervals then we
end up with something like 1, 3.162, 10 for the labels.

The current code assumes the major ticks are evenly spaced.

I still feel that it doesn't make sense to be in log mode
when you're dealing with a range of less than a factor of 100.

If people there think it is possible then simply have them
sketch out what they want, scan it in, and attach it to the
bug report.

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