[Kst] [Bug 92855] Major problem with ticks and axis scaling

Barth Netterfield netterfield at astro.utoronto.ca
Mon Nov 8 21:06:26 CET 2004

Not for 1.0.0!

Perhaps for now, we can disable log mode if the range is too small.


On November 8, 2004 01:34 pm, Andrew Walker wrote:
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> http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=92855
> ------- Additional Comments From arwalker sumusltd com  2004-11-08 19:34
> ------- The remaining problem with the log axis tick marks is the
> assumption in the code that all major tick marks are placed at regular
> intervals. This works in log mode as long as the major tick marks go at
> multiples of 10. However, when the range is small (i.e. log(max)-log(min) <
> 1.5) this is no longer suitable. As major ticks must go at regular
> intervals the values associated with these tick marks now become "strange".
> The correct solution to this problem would be to remove the regular
> interval assumption in log mode, which means re-working a lot (if not all)
> of the axis code. Is this something we want to do? For which release?
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