[Kst] A patch to fix labels on old kst plots

George Staikos staikos at kde.org
Wed Nov 3 15:45:44 CET 2004

On Wednesday 03 November 2004 09:42, Barth Netterfield wrote:
> As pointing out a while ago by Andrew, a change I made to allow empty
> *Labels to take up no room if they are empty also changed the way labels
> are handled in terms of what the correct justification should be. Since, up
> to now, the Justification of these otherwise fixed labels is stored in data
> file, this change meant that old files (August and earlier) request the
> wrong justification for the labels.
> This patch does 2 things to the way that [X|Y|Tick]*Labels are handled.
> 1) it assumes that the position of these labels is fixed, and overwrites
> whatever justification might have been in the file.
> 2) it assumes that since neither the position nor the justification for
> these labels is going to be listened to, it shouldn't write them to the
> file.
> It means that kst files written by new versions of kst will not work on old
> ksts, but old kst files will work on new ksts.

  It looks generally fine to me, but one caveat:  The save() method will be 
inconsistent with KstViewLabel when we move to it (which has a virtual save() 
inherited from the parent).  We'll have to add a boolean flag to achieve the 
same effect then.

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