[Kst] Patch for 92604

George Staikos staikos at kde.org
Wed Nov 3 03:46:24 CET 2004

On Tuesday 02 November 2004 19:46, Andrew Walker wrote:
> This fixes a bit more than just 92604.
> it also saves settings for the auto save configuration (which will be
> over-ridden by the settings in any kst file that is loaded) and fixes the
> missing ysize for the autosave settings in the kst file.

  - why move the connections out of the .UI file?  It's so much easier to 
maintain them with designer.  I don't see a need to do this.
  - i18n changes break the string freeze
  - setURL() - several issues:
	- This code is -almost- KIO clean.  The changes you add will have to be 
removed in order to preserve that.
	- I don't think checking if the directory exists is a good idea.  For 
instance, if a directory isn't mounted, then the user will lose his path 
before he has a chance to mount.
  - kstautosaverc - we should name the group "Images" instead of "AutoSave" I 
think, since we may have other autosave items in the future.  The "AutoSave" 
prefix on all the keys is very redundant too.  (note: kconfigeditor makes 
this more apparent - it's not just "internal" anymore)

  Note: during freezes, unnecessary changes should not be made.  If there is a 
bug to fix, do the minimum to fix the bug and no more.  This means formatting 
changes, moving things between files, etc...

   I think this fix should wait until 1.1, if for no other reason than the 
i18n changes.

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