[Kst] Your software kst registered on Skysoft

Carlo Baffa baffa at arcetri.astro.it
Tue Nov 2 09:26:12 CET 2004

Dear Colleague,

We have started a new astronomical software directory, Skysoft,
available at the address http://www.skysoft.org, and we have added your
software to our database. The relative information was found on the
web, but can be incomplete or inaccurate, so please visit our site to
integrate it. Also if you know of other software or people who would be
interested in contributing, please let me know, and give them the
Skysoft URL.  At the end of this mail, we give a summary of site

Thank you for your attention,
Best regards

 Carlo Baffa                          INAF-Osservatorio Astrofisico di Arcetri
 baffa at arcetri.astro.it               Largo Fermi 5
 http://www.skysoft.org               I-50125-Firenze ITALY

 From the site:

Skysoft is a YAASD (Yet Another Astronomical Software Directory), but with
a different overall approach. Our choice is to design this site as a
community supported directory. The idea is that, like a chat session,
content remains timely because of frequent user interaction. Users and
developers are invited to contribute with software news, user's views,
comments and bugs notifications. This site is designed so that software
developers acquire more visibility because of astronomical context.
Developers can post a brief description of their product, with the
classification which can ease the search and retrieval of software

Our goal is to be useful to both end-users and developers. We host all
software kinds, from general data reduction packages, to specialized
libraries, to small specific tools. 

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