[Kst] kdeextragear-2/kst/kst

Andrew Walker arwalker at sumusltd.com
Fri May 28 01:32:06 CEST 2004

CVS commit by arwalker: 

Added a layout mode toolbar button.

Some additional thought needs to be taken with the different modes.

Currently we have zoom modes, label mode, data mode, and layout mode.
At present the zoom modes and label mode are radio buttons, while the
latter modes are toggle buttons. This clearly should be changed, but to
what needs some discussion.

  M +1 -0      kstui.rc   1.27

--- kdeextragear-2/kst/kst/kstui.rc  #1.26:1.27
@@ -91,4 +91,5 @@
   <Action name="zoomtie_action"/>
   <Action name="datamode_action"/>
+  <Action name="layoutmode_action"/>

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