[Kst] Plot Markers and Arrays

Barth Netterfield netterfield at astro.utoronto.ca
Wed Jul 28 21:04:08 CEST 2004

Marker Mode:

-Should be a mouse or keyboard way of placing a marker at the current mouse 
	(rmb? hot key?)
-need a UI (in the marker tab of plot dialog) to uses a curve as a marker 
	- it is not a marker import (ie, if the curve changes, the markers change)
	- three options: leading edge (0 to not zero) trailing edge (non-zero to 
zero) or both
	- the marker will be at the non zero point.

Looking very good!

BUG:Y Minimum is not respected in auto zooming, but it is in plotting (?)
BUG:With a curve on top of the image, the image's limits are ignored.

Edit Arrays UI issues
The step size stuff was confusing to me, but I get it now.
For X and Y there are 4 parameters that the user may know:
Xmin, XMax, X step, N X Steps
You need three. Perhaps the dialog could list these for, with a radio box for 
the one you want kst to auto-determine. It could also list the length of 
vector it is expecting, given the parameters (ie, NX*NY).

Images and curves should appear in the same way ~everywhere in the UI:
In Plot Dialog, the images should be presented in the same way as curves. 
(listed in the availible curve selector, etc).  It should be possible to show 
multiple images in the same plot, as they may have different limits (or 
(eventually) some may be contour plots or have alpha channel transparency.)

In the NewImage dialog, an equivalent to the curve placement widget should 
appear (it should be exactly the same as the curve placement widget, except 
its title should be 'image placement'.

plot rmb->edit-> should include any images which are being shown.


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