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George Staikos staikos at kde.org
Thu Jul 15 23:15:26 CEST 2004

Sorry, dropped the list off my response.

On Thursday 15 July 2004 17:05, Barth Netterfield wrote:
> > > - locking is missing in places - especially dialogs (plugin, etc) (Can
> > > 	  George verify this?)
> >
> >    George can verify this is broken.
> OK... Can you send me one example as an example, then I will go throught
> and find more examples.

   We take a pointer to the vector here bug we don't lock it first (and
 unlock it when we're done with the pointer):

     // Populate the output vectors
  for (QValueList<Plugin::Data::IOValue>::ConstIterator it = otable.begin();
                                                         it != otable.end();
    if ((*it)._type == Plugin::Data::IOValue::TableType) {
      if (!_outputVectors.contains((*it)._name)) {
        KstDebug::self()->log(i18n("Output vector [%1] for plugin %2 not
found.  Unable to continue.").arg((*it)._name).arg(tagName()),
        return NO_CHANGE;
      outVectors[vitcnt] = _outputVectors[(*it)._name]->value();
      outArrayLens[vitcnt++] = _outputVectors[(*it)._name]->length();

> > > - Deleting a window doesn't properly delete plots, leading to orphaned
> > > objects.
> >
> >    I think it does properly delete them.  The problem is that the
> > reference counting is not quite in "sync".  This one needs much more
> > investigation.
> ~KstTopLevelView() doesn't seem to get called.

   Ok that's a problem.  Something is holding a reference to it.  Ah of
course.  Duh.  Will fix shortly. :)  I feel silly now. :)

> >    I've spent hours on this one today and it seems to be related to the
> > embedded file dialog changes.  I'm getting tired of chasing this one and
> > I think we should consider not messing with the layout and just using a
> > .ui file.
> Yes Please.

   Will do asap.  I think it's a Qt bug anyway, but it's really messy and
 will take a long time to trace.

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