[Kst] Scalars dialog

George Staikos staikos at kde.org
Mon Feb 16 23:30:45 CET 2004

  Hi Andrew,

    I disabled the scalars dialog in CVS today, temporarily, because it seems 
to be very inefficient.  This is not our fault, but Qt.  It seems that 
constructing a QTable is rediculously expensive and is really hurting Kst 
startup time.  The dialog is still useful though, so I think it just needs to 
be reworked to use a different UI.  Perhaps something similar to the one in 
the filter dialog that's used to modify parameters.  Is this something you 
want to tackle?

George Staikos
KDE Developer				http://www.kde.org/
Staikos Computing Services Inc.		http://www.staikos.net/

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