[Kst] Fwd: kdeextragear-1, 0.95

George Staikos staikos at kde.org
Tue Feb 3 12:54:21 CET 2004

I'm a bit upset about this, but I guess we can deal with it.  I'll have to add 
it to the RELEASE document.

Also, has anyone noticed constant 100% cpu usage with Kst 0.95?  I haven't had 
a chance to track this down yet, but I am seeing this on my laptop right now.

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Subject: kdeextragear-1
Date: Sunday 01 February 2004 16:03
From: Klas Kalass <klas.kalass at gmx.de>
To: kde-cvs at kde.org

CVS commit by kalass:

added a FAQ to answer common questions and problems right where people
 *should* look first

  M +13 -0     README   1.2

--- kdeextragear-1/README  #1.1:1.2
@@ -6,2 +6,15 @@
 For Details please refer to http://extragear.kde.org

+Q: I want to compile application X for KDE 3.1 and I know
+that this application supports KDE 3.1. But configure tells me
+that I need KDE 3.2
+A: Open the file 'configure.in.in' with your favourite editor
+and change the line '#MIN_CONFIG(3.2)' to '#MIN_CONFIG(3.1)'.
+Afterwards do the usual
+'make -f Makefile.cvs && ./configure && cd XXX && make'
+Don't forget to replace XXX with the name of the application :-)
+If you have commit rights, please make sure to not commit the modified


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