[Kst] Startup dialog

Rick Chern rchern at interchange.ubc.ca
Fri Aug 27 02:47:11 CEST 2004

Maybe the Data Wizard can be enhanced to include support for histograms 
and images, in addition to PSDs (probably not equations though)?  (I was 
thinking that there is no quick way of creating images right now).  The 
Data Wizard is probably more flexible than the startup dialog, as it can 
be used in the middle of a Kst session, not just at startup.

Barth Netterfield wrote:

>I think we can assume that if someone is using kst, they want to plot 
>something.  My only thought was:
>	The current startup dialog allows for plotting existing kst's, curves, and 
>	It does not support equations, histograms, and images.
>On August 26, 2004 08:00 pm, Rick Chern wrote:
>>Hm, my preference would be to leave them out, because it is hard to see
>>what's happening without the tree view of the data manager.  If someone
>>wants to just quickly create a simple curve, the Data Wizard seems to
>>handle that well without extra button clicks (or even less button
>>clicks).  However, I'm not sure how common it is to create a blank
>>document with vectors only.
>>Barth Netterfield wrote:
>>>Would it be nice to also include the [New] buttons and the plot dialog
>>>button from the data manager in the startup dialog?
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