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Andrew Walker arwalker at sumusltd.com
Thu Aug 26 01:18:52 CEST 2004

CVS commit by arwalker: 

Moved everything to bug tracker.

  M +6 -59     RELEASE_PLAN   1.51

--- kdeextragear-2/kst/devel-docs/RELEASE_PLAN  #1.50:1.51
@@ -6,65 +6,13 @@
   -Dialogs: Barth
   -New Features: The List
-If someone bounces something, !respond!.  If no one responds, mods are
-fair game.
-o: optional
--: less optional
+If someone bounces something, !respond!.  If no one responds, mods are fair game.
 Next release: 1.00
-New Features:
--Filter sets    (George to (re)write the class; UI TBD)
-o Ability to delete all dependants of an object
-o PSDs, Equations, and Histograms should be data objects, not curves.  Curves
-  are built with these.
-o create a database system for constants
-         (The current list of constants is useful rarely, but not
-         never: one needs to be able to turn them off, or add new ones)
-UI Changes:
-o status messages/progress for lengthy actions
-o vector defaults should be keyed to $PWD and stored as a map
-  (This needs to be thought about first...)
-o QTable is really slow for view vectors dialog - need to make something faster
-        (consider separate table update rate - 1Hz?)
-- Disable plugin changing if refcount > 0
-- drawing problems visible on George's laptop 
-- using QWaitCondition in update thread is bad - it's broken in all but the
-  most recent Qt releases (George)
-o unloading and reloading plugin with new interface doesn't update the dialog
-o plugin error returns need to be enhanced (esp if malloc fails)
-o the common implemented functionality for data dialogs may need a rethink -
-  it's impossible to override behaviour of functions (George - half done)
-o network transports should use KIO so they can use user settings, support
-  encryption, proxy, non-standard ports, etc
-0) must be fixed for 0.99
-xxxxx: Ascii data source has a problem reading realtime if a line is only
-   partially written (pending verification by Barth)
-1)  Should be fixed for 1.0, but not for 0.99
-74239: int datatype in kst plugins and data sources is not 64-bit clean
-83943: Enhance Data Wizard options (both sub-bugs)
-85676: Wish for 0.99/1.0: allow datasources to have configuration 
-dialog/settings (almost done)
-74230: Plugin dialog should reload the interface if the plugin is reloaded
-85601: kst needs an "i'm busy" indicator
-87015: plot colors can easily repeat in a plot
-2) Could be fixed for 1.0 (may require discussion)
-73673: Reversed Arabic Letter in the plot window
-86507: Delay instantiation of datasources in datawizard
-86586: Change data file issues (Sub Bug 1 - default labels)
-66138: kst should have have a "time vector" which is a unix-type time, which 
-displays in a human readable format
-85594: kst should allow datasource via fish (and perhaps others)
-85732: move mode needs 'resist' when bumping up to other plots
-86659: command line option, supress low frequency signal/noise
-86915: ability to operate only on what is visible shown in plot
+Refer to bug tracker for all outstanding bugs and features...
+VHI - should be fixed/implemented as soon as possible
+HI  - should be fixed/implemented for next release
+NOR - should be fixed/implemented (may require discussion)
 1.0 Release Requirements
@@ -80,5 +28,4 @@
 - Freeze i18n well ahead and notify the translation teams
 - Remove unneeded member variables and methods from public classes
-- Fix up error handling/reporting from data plugins

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