[Kst] [Bug 87177] New: equations are incorrectly re-sampled

netterfield at astro.utoronto.ca netterfield at astro.utoronto.ca
Sat Aug 14 03:23:05 CEST 2004

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           Summary: equations are incorrectly re-sampled
           Product: kst
           Version: unspecified
          Platform: unspecified
        OS/Version: Linux
            Status: NEW
          Severity: normal
          Priority: NOR
         Component: general
        AssignedTo: kst kde org
        ReportedBy: netterfield astro utoronto ca

Version:           0.99-devel (using KDE 3.2 BRANCH >= 20040204, Mandrake Linux Cooker i586 - Cooker)
Compiler:          gcc version 3.3.2 (Mandrake Linux 10.0 3.3.2-6mdk)
OS:                Linux (i686) release 2.6.3-7mdk

In equations, the length of the equation vectors is the desired length-1.  So if vectors of length 10 are used as the input X vector and in the equation,then the equation will have length 9, and will be resampled....

This really confused us today using kst to debug something else, so it is a pretty serious problem.  The patch is trival, and I will submit it next.

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