[Kst] kdeextragear-2/kst/devel-docs

George Staikos staikos at kde.org
Wed Aug 11 22:50:59 CEST 2004

CVS commit by staikos: 

merge in the bug list with our rankings, remove the ones completed

  M +32 -0     RELEASE_PLAN   1.29

--- kdeextragear-2/kst/devel-docs/RELEASE_PLAN  #1.28:1.29
@@ -67,2 +67,34 @@
   encryption, proxy, non-standard ports, etc
+0) must be fixed for 0.99
+86586: Change data file issues (Sub Bug 2 - if paused no action)
+1) Should be fixed for 0.99
+75541: create vector column 0
+84840: Modifier keys and mouse wheel functions a bit strange (needs 
+2) Could be fixed for 0.99 if we are very careful.... Should be fixed for 1.0
+74230: Plugin dialog should reload the interface if the plugin is reloaded
+85601: kst needs an "i'm busy" indicator
+86506: Improvements to Plot dialog/Labels tab (sub-bug #1)
+86582: Option for markers to be shared between plots
+3)  Should be fixed for 1.0, but not for 0.99
+74239: int datatype in kst plugins and data sources is not 64-bit clean
+83943: Enhance Data Wizard options (both sub-bugs)
+86505: Improvements to Plot dialog/Limits tab (# 2&3)
+85676: Wish for 0.99/1.0: allow datasources to have configuration 
+dialog/settings (almost done)
+4) Could be fixed for 1.0 (may require discussion)
+73673: Reversed Arabic Letter in the plot window
+86507: Delay instantiation of datasources in datawizard
+86586: Change data file issues (Sub Bug 1 - default labels)
+66138: kst should have have a "time vector" which is a unix-type time, which 
+displays in a human readable format
+85594: kst should allow datasource via fish (and perhaps others)
+85732: move mode needs 'resist' when bumping up to other plots
+86659: command line option, supress low frequency signal/noise
+86915: ability to operate only on what is visible shown in plot

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