[Kst] How to proceed:

Barth Netterfield netterfield at astro.utoronto.ca
Wed Apr 28 16:49:13 CEST 2004

Trying to figure out how to proceed.

The current 'testview' widget is not what we are going to want.

Instead we will want to create new plots in the way we always have, except
with a couple more options added to the relevant dialogs
	eg, in the plot dialog,
Plot Position: 2	Columns: 3

View: current [V]		On grid: |X|
Plot Position: 2		Columns: 3

Plot Position and Columns are disabled if 'on grid' is not checked.
Columns and OnGrid are stored in KstTopLevelView.
Moving something in layout mode unsets OnGrid.

The View combo has the options "Current" "New" and ["1" - Nviews].
Similar things get added to other dialogs which create plots.

Command-line-created plots always appear in View 1, and kst starts w/ just 1

Layout mode becomes another mouse mode int the toolbar (peer w/ label mode)

We need 'new view' and 'change mdi mode' actions and a view menu for them.

The semi-toolbar in the bottom of testview goes away.


The kst version on my laptop uses the command line to create a top level view
and the main widget of kst and puts kst2dplots in them.  This is what I need
in order to be able to create and test insertion of kst2dplots.  But the
related infrastructure is pretty much junk.  And I also can't keep up with
cvs because it is a completely different branch.

My proposal on how to proceed:

Can you implement the interface I have laid out above, and I will use my
version to port kstplot to kst2dplot?

If the correct TopLevelView to insert a new plot into from the command line
 is the first item in the TopLevelViewList, then I will be able to keep
 changes to main.cpp when we merge.  I will merge the new 2d plot and the
 command line stuff into the main tree.  Timescale: 1 week.


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