[Kst] Plugin Code is Activated

George Staikos staikos at kde.org
Wed Oct 22 01:59:14 CEST 2003

As you have seen in the preceding cvs commit log, the plugin data source code 
is now activated in CVS.  I have only ported direct ASCII file reading so 
far.  Indirect files and other file formats remain to be implemented.  I'll 
do this over the next few days and the beginning of next week.  If you need a 
stable Kst, please update only as far as the kst_0_93_release tag:

cvs -z3 update -dP -r kst_0_93_release

You can move back to the HEAD code with:

cvs -z3 update -AdP

The plugin interface seems to be fairly usable now so I think it will stay 
close to the present form.  There is a template, and of course the ascii 
plugin can also be used for reference.

George Staikos
KDE Developer				http://www.kde.org/
Staikos Computing Services Inc.		http://www.staikos.net/

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