[Ksecretservice-devel] Re: KDE documentation writing guide ?

Michael Leupold lemma at confuego.org
Tue Oct 19 09:21:55 CEST 2010

Hi Valentin,

Am 19.10.2010 00:12, schrieb Valentin Rusu:
> I'm trying to document the ACL handling features so we can discuss them
> before implementing them. And trying to do that well (yeah), I think I may
> start also the application handbook. I searched how this can be done on the
> techbase, but I'm wondering if any of you can point me to the right and up-
> to-date guide for writing application handbooks. Or should I go to the kde-
> devel list ?

I think the documentation here (http://l10n.kde.org/docs/) is what's 
needed to get started. To be honest I haven't done any documentation yet 
though. I only know that it's all about writing some docbook which gets 
converted to html later. No idea how other things like the documentation 
workflow work though. I think there's also an irc channel with people 
who might help you get started (#kde-doc(s)?). Overall good initiative!


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