[Ksecretservice-devel] Re: Fwd: Re: Re: ACL handling

Michael Leupold lemma at confuego.org
Sat Oct 9 23:01:05 CEST 2010

Am Mittwoch, 6. Oktober 2010, 20:02:52 schrieb Valentin Rusu:
> > > - this behavior should be adjusted by the means of o policy file ; the
> > > policy file should be under the responsibility of the client
> > > application (e.g. Kontact application should install it's policy file
> > > it it wants ACL handling).
> >
> > I'm not yet sure what you mean with the policy file. Could you please
> > explain a bit more?
> Suppose an executable A wants to share it's secrets with another executable
> B, but wants to deny sharing with any other executable. In this case, an
> external policy file would be required, and this file would be under the
> responsibility of executable A developer.

Wouldn't it be easier to delegate the decision to the user? From my experience 
with wishlist items and bug reports power users want things like the ability 
to choose which collection to store an application's secrets into (maybe the 
same for all their mail applications or for everything that is about 
networking). It seems like those features would have to override the default 
decision taken by the application developer.

This doesn't mean I dislike the idea of policy files. Just saying that things 
like this would have to be thought of as well. :-) Once you have a draft of 
this idea, maybe I could review it and check how well it fits with the current 
architecture and what (I think) users want.


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