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Wed Mar 9 13:21:56 UTC 2016


Build URL:,compiler=gcc/71/
Project: PLATFORM=Linux,compiler=gcc
Date of build: Wed, 09 Mar 2016 13:21:13 +0000
Build duration: 39 sec

Revision 36ca23825bef915455f00b59997b250e7b86e7ca by panfaust: (Add methods to work with amount+offset.)
  change: edit src/datablocks/mixednumberrange.h
  change: edit src/datablocks/mixednumberrange.cpp
Revision 23f13d881dc7012cd391d11bb421ddfbf1cbc933 by panfaust: (Change Ingredient to start using MixedNumberRange.)
  change: edit src/datablocks/ingredient.cpp
  change: edit src/datablocks/ingredient.h
Revision 55b148a7c8985be16f6d1e92295880c47f07096f by panfaust: (Change Yield to start using MixedNumberRange.)
  change: edit src/datablocks/yield.h
  change: edit src/datablocks/yield.cpp
Revision 0d337c1e98f0d5294fbf54c43b50ce41e61a3cb0 by panfaust: (Change FractionInput to use validators.)
  change: edit src/widgets/fractioninput.h
  change: edit src/widgets/fractioninput.cpp
Revision 7ad6a080a76c0000d62354f0f4a259a1f5672e71 by panfaust: (Change FractionInput to use MixedNumberRange.)
  change: edit src/widgets/fractioninput.cpp
  change: edit src/widgets/fractioninput.h
Revision da7300c73c49405e9214a1c35a72077e06929626 by panfaust: (Update TODO)
  change: edit TODO
Revision ce56ca1142731f71c2fc5fbdaf88995a1f9ed374 by panfaust: (Set a couple of functions as deprecated.)
  change: edit src/datablocks/ingredient.h
Revision d23df5db126f6ac55099ed7c00cc702d3c5b5282 by panfaust: (Fix compiler warning about the D-Bus interface.)
  change: edit src/org.kde.krecipes.xml
Revision 1d303ea08f4ac41a2b5a8987116329e5dc96aa9b by panfaust: (Mark a couple of function parameters as unused.)
  change: edit src/widgets/krecategorieslistwidget.cpp
  change: edit src/dialogs/recipeinput/ratinglisteditor.cpp

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