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Welcome back. Things have changed a lot since then, but the basic steps are
outlined there as you pointed out. Could you give a log of everything you
are typing and the results on here? One line error message isn't that
simple to figure out what's going wrong. Also I wonder if we should cc the
krecipes devel list as those subscribed to that list have been building and
developing krecipes a lot longer than the few of us in the gardening list.


On Sun, Nov 30, 2014 at 1:56 AM, Jost Schenck <jost.schenck at> wrote:

> Hi,
> I would like to introduce myself: I used to be a very unimportant small
> time contributor to KDE in the days of KDE2 and 3 and early KDE4, doing a
> little bug fixing (also to KRecipes), minor new features and user
> documentation, as well as one or two small projects of my own, but stopped
> at some point when my job and three children took over all my attention. I
> don't work as a developer, I'm a city court judge with a love for linux and
> open source. I would like to get back into development and become
> acquainted with current KDE again, and I thought KDE gardening might be a
> good starting point for this, instead of trying to develop something new on
> my own. I can't invest much time, but it would be fun at least trying to
> get started again ...
> I tried to compile the current development version, following instructions
> on Alas, back when I used to
> contribute, there was autoconf/automake instead of cmake and there was CVS
> instead of GIT, so I'm a bit lost. I installed all dependencies cmake
> reported but at the end it can't resolve a couple of targets all relating
> to tests, like
>      install TARGETS given target "krecipes-import-export-mmftest" which
> does not exist in this directory".
> Am I going the right way, using the right instructions and the right
> repository (git://
> Can you give me any hints or suggestions to get started with "gardening"?
> Thanks a lot
> Jost
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