[KPhotoAlbum] mapview-patch

Johannes Zarl-Zierl johannes at zarl-zierl.at
Mon Jan 11 00:33:43 GMT 2021


> I've a feature request:
> Could we have buttons to control the thumbnail size on the map like digikam
> has?

I've played around with it a little bit - see the branch 

The thumbnail size also influences the cluster size currently (because that's 
how it was implemented and I didn't change it). I'm currently leaning towards 
just leaving it like that (I kind of like the effect this has on clusters), 
but it's quite late and my judgement probably is better after a good night's 

As a side note: I've also found a way to change the mouse cursor when it 
hovers over a cluster. As one can now very clearly see the clickable area is 
not perfectly aligned with the rendered cluster. I'll delve into this 


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