[KPhotoAlbum] Raw image orientation

Johannes Zarl-Zierl johannes at zarl-zierl.at
Fri Sep 27 23:30:44 BST 2019


I've just pushed a bugfix for the handling of rotated raw images. To all the 
raw users on this list: can you try if the change handles your files 

Problem description:

The embedded thumbnail in raw images is stored in landscape format, while the 
decoded raw image is returned by libkdcraw in portrait format (if the image is 
portrait). The embedded thumbnail is handled just like regular jpeg images and 
is rotated by KPhotoAlbum, thus rendering it correctly in the viewer.

If the decoded (already rotated) raw image is passed through this same image 
pipeline, though, the rotation is applied twice, leading to an incorrect 
orientation (usually visible in the thumbnail view).

If you have set "useRawThumbnail" to true, KPhotoAlbum (almost) always will 
use the embedded thumbnail, thus bypassing the problem.

This situation seems to be the case for all raw formats that I tried this 
with, but who knows for sure...

What can you do to help:
Disable "use raw thumbnail" and (re)generate the thumbnails for a bunch of 
landscape and portrait raw image files┬╣. Report back the result (and maybe the 
file type).


┬╣) You can of course just open the demo database and copy some raw files into 
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