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Joan aseques at gmail.com
Thu Sep 5 22:37:56 BST 2019

There's another tool for linux (mainly) called photini that's precisely for
importing pictures and fixing  times + adding exiv information, I am using
it in combination with kphotoalbum.

Missatge de Andreas Schleth <schleth_es at web.de> del dia dj., 5 de set. 2019
a les 23:29:

> Hi Neil,
> try to keep a version of this old Debian / kpa- combo in a VirtualBox!
> I keep such an oldie around in openSuse 11.2 for just this purpose. It
> even works via shared folder on my current KPA database (just messing it up
> a tiny bit by introducing a spurious folder category).
> This is why I like the backward compatibility of the index file format.
> The old time-shift plugin was really handy. Doing similar things via
> scripting will take a few evenings of debugging.
> On the other hand, setting the date for slide scans is not the domain of
> the time shifter. For these slides each might need a different date. This
> is best done via scripting, where you could write some command file with
> file number ranges (the scans) and date ranges to be parsed by the script.
> Tomorrow I could dig through my old perl scripts and post my solution here.
> Best regards, Andreas
> Am 5. September 2019 01:54:49 MESZ schrieb Just Lettuce <
> justlettuce at gmail.com>:
>> Hello all,
>> I have been happily using kphotoalbum 4.7.1 on Debian 8 for awhile, but
>> realizing it's time (past time?) that I update.
>> Now looking at moving to Debian 10, which has kphotoalbum 5.4.2.
>> All looks great to me, except something I can't find that used to be:
>> Plugins>Images>Adjust Time & Date.
>> I am in the process of scanning bunches of negatives, so there's lots of
>> adjusting of date and time to be done.  Is there another way to do this
>> in the newer kphoto?
>> Thanks,
>> -neil
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