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Joe josephj at main.nc.us
Thu Oct 18 23:34:22 BST 2018

OK. I'll bite. What does Ctrl+Space do in the annotation window?

I just played with it for a few moments and didn't notice anything.

Documentation is often as much work as programming, but it's essential
to making a great project - even though it usually doesn't get recognized.
It's definitely a lot less fun to do than programming.


On 10/18/2018 03:43 PM, Johannes Zarl-Zierl wrote:
> Hi Robert,
> Am Donnerstag, 18. Oktober 2018, 14:18:25 CEST schrieb Robert Krawitz:
>> One way you can do this more quickly is to use quick tags (typing a
>> single letter while in the viewer adds a tag to the image; you can
>> later go back and add the real information).  I usually shoot in
>> bursts, rather than frequent small numbers; one football game, for
>> example, can result in 2500-3000 frames.
> That actually touches an important problem with our UI: I doubt that anyone 
> actually knows every smart thing that you can do to improve your workflow.
> Just to take myself as an example:
> - I learnt about "Ctrl+Space" in the annotation window from reading the source 
> code.
> - I know that quick tagging exists, but I never took the time to understand 
> it.
> - I often use "copy from previous image", but I needed to set a shortcut to 
> make it usable for me (which reminds me that I should set this to "Alt+^" by 
> default).
> - It feels like there are dozens of places where you just need to know the 
> right keyboard-combo to do something cool.
> I should add: if anyone wants to rework the handbook or post some short 
> tutorials on Youtube/Vimeo/Gnumediagoblin/etc., please do!
> Cheers,
>   Johannes
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