[KPhotoAlbum] Performance observations

Robert Krawitz rlk at alum.mit.edu
Mon May 14 00:52:59 BST 2018

Found one reason why the thumbnails were so slow...it wasn't using the
optimized JPEG loader.  This one liner fixes that.

diff --git a/Utilities/Util.cpp b/Utilities/Util.cpp
index 9ded1a73..5adfdd8f 100644
--- a/Utilities/Util.cpp
+++ b/Utilities/Util.cpp
@@ -626,7 +626,7 @@ bool Utilities::loadJPEG(QImage *img, FILE* inputFile, QSize* fullSize, int dim
 bool Utilities::isJPEG( const DB::FileName& fileName )
-    QString format= QString::fromLocal8Bit( QImageReader::imageFormat( fileName.relative() ) );
+    QString format= QString::fromLocal8Bit( QImageReader::imageFormat( fileName.absolute() ) );
     return format == QString::fromLocal8Bit( "jpeg" );
Not done with everything yet.  There is a bug, fortunately with an
easy fix, that results in most new files being duplicated in the

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