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Samuel Kay samuel-kay at 401kay.fr
Wed Jan 24 20:42:22 GMT 2018

Hi Johannes,

Thanks, I have the logging working in my console !
I also have found, thanks to your indications where are the data. 
XMLhandler.cpp help me to get the structure of what is in FileNameList.

I had started to structure the code:
I put 3 config field in the KPhotoAlbum.theme file :
*    NeedHTMLIndexFile
*    NeedHTMLImageFile
*    NeedJSDatabase

These are read by the HTMLDialog.cpp which write it to the setup into 
these three Boolean :
*    m_generateHTMLIndexFile
*    m_generateHTMLImageFile
*    m_generateJSDatabase

And I add a condition to the generation of the HTML file depending of 
these Boolean.
Now, I am planning to code the function to generate the JSDatabase and 
the heavy work should be done.
I probably won't use all the field in the setup, but since I use the 
same setup, I don't think I would be pertinent to remove it.

Right now, I don't have further questions.



Johannes Zarl-Zierl a écrit :
> The steps for the current HTML export are as follows:
> 1) The HTMLDialog is shown and fills the fields of a Setup object.
> → the dialog gets a list of selected images
> 2) Upon clicking "OK", the HTMLDialog calls Generator::generate with the setup
> object and the image list
> The ideal place to add your code is IMO the Generator class or a new class
> like it. You could add a new class based on the Generator class and call that
> one from HTMLGenerator::slotOk() instead of the current Generator class.
> That way we can easily add an option to choose between the old and the new
> export code, and the new Generator is not pushed into the corset of the old
> Generator.
> What is interesting for integrating your work:
>   - Does the current html export dialog / the Setup class contain all the
> information that you need?
>   - Are there any fields that you don't need?
> I hope that I could clear things up for you. Further questions are always
> welcome btw. ;-)
> Cheers,
>    Johannes
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