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Samuel Kay samuel-kay at 401kay.fr
Tue Jan 9 21:12:00 GMT 2018

Hello Johannes,

My project is on standby, I have a gallery which looks good enough for me.
I don't think that my script would see any difference between the 
index.xml and the .kim file.
I did create one personal gallery using the xml file given by the export 
function, so it was probably the .kim file.

My next step would be to integrate that to KPhotoAlbum. I think it would 
be nice to have that as the new default "html export" gallery.
I try to build KPhotoAlbum on Debian Jessie - I was to hard for me. Even 
the cmake version is not compatible. I try, really, but I get stuck with 
building "Meson" which is required at some building stage.
I also try to use a VM. I got several VM which did not start on my 
computer (Fedora get stuck on the login screen for example).
Well now, I have a Debian Strech in a Working VM. And I try to get all 
the dependencies. But it take me quite a long time and I haven't finish 



Johannes Zarl-Zierl a écrit :
> Hello Samuel,
> Just out of curiosity: how is your project coming along?
> Btw. when looking at the workflow description on your github page, I thought
> that maybe you could make things easier by using an export (.kim) file
> instead.
> On the plus side, KPA can automatically create the scaled images for you, and
> the .kim file only contains the images that you exported.
> Of course, the .kim file format is rather limited compared to the index.xml
> file format (no positional tags, no image stacks, ...).
> Cheers,
>    Johannes
> On Donnerstag, 23. November 2017 21:39:46 CET Samuel Kay wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Johannes Zarl-Zierl a écrit :
>>> Hi,
>>> On Dienstag, 21. November 2017 21:59:18 CET Samuel Kay wrote:
>>>> I will try to use the reply-all function.
>>>> Can someone tell me if my email arrive in the mailing list ?
>>> I've asked Jesper to manually subscribe you. He's quite a busy man, so
>>> please bear with us if it takes some time.
>> I just wanted to know if the subscribtion process was failed, in
>> progress or done.
>>>> I have create the issues on the github for the three improvement you
>>>> suggested. ( https://github.com/Keuronde/KPhotoAlbum_Export )
>>> Cool.
>>>>>>> Also, why export it to JSON, rather than just use the XML that already
>>>>>>> exists?
>>>>>> My first question was to know if KPhotoAlbum had already something
>>>>>> like that for its export. So you confirm you don't have it yet ?
>>>>> I don't know offhand.  I know that there's an Android app that does
>>>>> this, albeit by a very different mechanism.
>>> No. The only export feature we have is for the .kim files (which are
>>> basically a simpler version of an older index.xml format).
>>> The Android app is something different - it connects to a running
>>> KPhotoAlbum which acts as a server (using a binary protocol).
>> Good, I am not inventing the wheel once more! Nice to know.
>>>>>> JSON seems simpler to manage for me, but I didn't realize that
>>>>>> javascript was obviously quite good at managing xml file. I will
>>>>>> have a look at it and try to get a version working directly with
>>>>>> KPhotoAlbum files.
>>> Regarding the choice of JSON: seems reasonable to me.
>>> Parsing a JSON format that was optimized for the task (and can be parsed
>>> directly using JavaScript) is way easier and performs better(?) than using
>>> the index.xml file format.
>>> That's not to say that parsing the XML file format directly is not
>>> worthwhile ;-) But I don't think that would be a showstopper…
>>>>> The only question is how stable the XML file format is (there are some
>>>>> things I want to change for performance reasons).  And note that there
>>>>> are two XML file formats: the human-readable one and the compressed
>>>>> one, which stores categories attached to images differently.
>>> We generally try not to change the file format gratuitously.
>>> I take it that you know about the file "documentation/database-layout.md"
>>> in the git repo?
>> Well, no. I will have a look at it right now!
>>> Cheers,
>>>     Johannes
>> Regards,
>> Samuel
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