[KPhotoAlbum] suggested solution to the icon problem

Andreas Schleth schleth_es at web.de
Thu Jan 4 14:08:44 GMT 2018

Hi Johannes, Tobias,

attached is "not a patch", but a possible path to a solution of the icon 
problem with Mint and Ubuntu:

a) We should provide at least one thumbnail of size 64x64, better 
several for all the items on the home screen that are not categories.

I do not know how to install these correctly. Therefore, my patch is not 
a patch :-)

b) The QIcon-call should be amended as shown in the patch file. This 
patch works only for starting the executable directly from the build 

QIcon::fromTheme has a variant with 2 parameters: 1. as before some 
named icon from a theme, 2. a fallback QIcon. I suggest, we use this 
variant and provide fallback icons where needed.

Also I think that all the cases with icon names as in 
QString::fromLatin1("...") oder QString::fromUtf8("...") could probably 
replaced with QLatin1String("...") as long as the strings will not be 

As to the reason for the fail in Ubuntu/Mint: it is the theme (or 
missing icon names in the Mint/Ubuntu themes). If I choose a KDE Theme 
in Mint, the problem gets better (more icons show), but the are shown in 
different sizes. However, we cannot force the user to choose a certain 
desktop icon theme just for KPA. Therefore, I vote for the fallback 

I could chip in and provide a real patch, if you could show me how to 
install custom icons and how to correctly reference them. For the time 
being, I think the home screen of KPA needs this kind of attention. 
There are other parts of the program that exhibit the missing icon 
syndrome (settings dialog, ...), but there we always have a textual 

Cheers, Andreas

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