[KPhotoAlbum] new insight into mangled icons in Ubuntu / Linux Mint

Andreas Schleth schleth_es at web.de
Tue Jan 2 18:44:48 GMT 2018

Hi everybody,

regarding this bug: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=387943 (icons 
cut off / not shown on the home screen of KPA) I did quite a few 
experiments such as amending the Ubuntu install with lots of files from 
Kubuntu, but none were successful.

Finally I dug around in the code and found in *Browser/OverviewPage.cpp* 
starting at line 148 some code, that adds icons to the home screen:

1. I noticed that sometimes QString::fromLatin1 and sometimes 
QString::fromUtf8 is used. (does it matter??)

2 The icons are pulled from some theme "QIcon::fromTheme" ... and this 
does not work. So most probably a dependency is missing, that adds this 
theme and the corresponding icons. Or the respective icons are not there 
in gtk-*

3. I replaced the lines with *QIcon::fromTheme *with 
*QIcon(QString::fromUtf8("some abs. filename, known to exist") *and got 
the screenshot as appended. If the icons were from the 64x64 folder. 
With smaller icons, all the icons are cut off, depending on image size. 
In the original code all icons are cut off to the hight of the text line.

I did not find the place in the code, where the icon for Media Type is 
set. This seems to happen somewhere else (??).

So the issue seems to find a set of really existing icons of size 64x64 
- maybe set some image shipped with KPA as the default. And find the 
correct dependency for the icons from the theme.

I hope this helps nailing the bug above.

Happy New Year, Andreas

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