[KPhotoAlbum] new version of the videopatch

Andreas Schleth schleth_es at web.de
Thu Sep 14 21:38:48 BST 2017


I did some more testing: Mplayer1 was somewhere on my system, not 
mplayer2 though.
Thus, I moved away the ffmpeg tools to a safe location and tried KPA 
with mplayer1 (which gives a warning).
Et viola, thumbnails and videothumbnails appeared after a while for my 
small test data set.
So my patch did not break too much.

Cheers, Andreas

Am 11.09.2017 um 23:31 schrieb Andreas Schleth:
> Hi,
> this is a better version of the patch against v5.2-23-g9e32396e:
> The old patch still had a few problems with broken video files and a 
> segfault in one case. Now, it should produce the thumbs for most 
> files, even ones, where the stream is broken somewhere. Then it 
> outputs a dummy image / pixmap. In my case it ran at 20-25 films per 
> minute (1-2 GB files over NFS) and successfully completed.
> The only exceptions is the case, when ffprobe does not show any 
> indication of video duration.
> I still could not test, if the Mplayer-functionality is still there 
> and working properly.
> Cheers, Andreas
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