[KPhotoAlbum] KPhotoAlbum Export

Samuel Kay samuel-kay at 401kay.fr
Wed Nov 29 19:53:19 GMT 2017


I am a KPhotoAlbum user since 2009. I really enjoy this software but I 
have been disappointed every time I try to share my galleries.
I wanted something that keeps the tags and allow people I send the 
picture to browse the pictures by tag.
In 2012, I produce a first website which did the job. It was based on 
MySQL and PHP, so no way to have a very simple deployment.
Now I just produce a new version, in full Javascript. It can run locally 
or on a website, just copy past the good file and you are done.

My work include :
*    a script to export the KPhotoAlbum database to a JSON file.
*    a website

Anyway if you are interested, here is a live demo : 

If you are even more interested, here is my code : 
In the Github space, you will also find the next things that should be 

The final aim is to have something integrated to KphotoAlbum : You click 
on the export button and you get your export with all your picture. You 
can then share it by uploading it on a webserver, copying it on a USB 
key or send it by email (if your exported photo are small and your 
mailbox tolerant).

Yours critics and advice are very welcome.

Samuel Kay

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