[KPhotoAlbum] error compiling in Ubuntu 16.04 and Mint 18.3

Johannes Zarl-Zierl johannes at zarl-zierl.at
Mon Dec 18 21:29:15 GMT 2017

Hi Andreas,

On Montag, 18. Dezember 2017 22:03:44 CET Andreas Schleth wrote:
> opensuse 42.2: KDE 5.26 / QT 5.6.1 - compiles and looks good
> Ubuntu 16.04 / Linux Mint 18.3: KDE 5.18.1 / QT 5.5.1 (Mint ships with
> KPA 4.7) - compilation of git master fails (last working rev. was 5.1 -
> did not show icons)
> Ubuntu 17.10 / Kubuntu 17.10: KDE 5.38.0 / QT 5.9.1 (17.10 ships with
> KPA 5.2) - icons don't show up in Gnome/Unitiy-Ubuntu but are OK in Kubuntu

Thanks for the research.

> As Mint is quite popular and will always be based on a LTS-revision of
> Ubuntu, I strongly suggest to have at least the releases compatible with
> the latest LTS-Version, even if the libs are a bit outdated. I guess,
> Ubuntu LTS + Mint combined will have a relative majority among all Linux
> desktops, esp. among more casual users.

>From my point of view, supporting the latest Ubuntu LTS plus 3 months or so is 
an acceptable trade-off.
I don't want the #ifdef's to pile up without bounds, but so far they are quite 
manageable in practice.

> KPA has a really good "WAF-Factor" (at least here it makes the top five:
> Browser, Mail, Office, PDF-Reader, KPA). So I expect the "casual user"
> could be KPAs prime target.

I had to google that expression, but I'm glad that KPA is liked by both you 
and your wife ;-)


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