[KPhotoAlbum] Wishlist (was Re: [kphotoalbum] [Bug 365873])

Tobias Leupold tobias.leupold at gmx.de
Sun Apr 9 17:04:31 BST 2017

Hi Miroslav!

(I'm also addressing the KPA mailing list so that everyone interested can also 

I'm not perfectly sure if I understand the problem right. You select some 
range of images and videos and view them, and you first get the photos and the 
videos at the end, right?

If so, probably, the only problem is that KPA doesn't know the correct date of 
the video due to the lack of an EXIF header. You can set the correct date 
manually via the annotation dialog. Then, the video should appear at the 
correct place.

If I didn't grasp it, please tell me ;-)

Cheers, Tobias

E-Mail vom 09.04.2017, 13:39 von Miroslav Skoric:
> Wishlist:
> - I wonder if it is possible to add a feature into kphotoalbum that
> would enable it to play *both* photos and videos by the date/time taken.
> For example, I use Sony's PMB software for importing, organizing, and
> viewing photos and videos taken by Sony photo and video cameras. As
> known, PMB is Windows-only software. Nevertheless, after importing
> materials from the cameras, PMB plays them sorted by the date/time
> taken, regardless of type (photo, video). However, when I point
> kphotoalbum to the same PMB's directory (dual-boot comp), it plays
> photos grouped together (sorted by date/time taken), and after that it
> starts playing videos also grouped together (sorted by date/time taken).
> But I do not prefer that. So I wonder if it would be possible to make it
> playing all as in PMB. I also noticed that videos taken by Sony cameras
> do not have timestamps as photos, but instead their file names
> incorporate date/time taken, so I suppose that playing mechanism in
> kphotoalbum should take this fact into account for playing the content.
> Miroslav Skoric

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