[KPhotoAlbum] installation problem

rome1969 rome1969 at kpnmail.nl
Mon May 16 12:54:01 BST 2016

Dear all,

Since years I am using KPhotoAlbum with great pleasure. It is one of the 
best programs I ever found and in the meantime I do have more then 
35.000 images in there.
But there is a serious problem for me.
Actually I am using Linux Mint 17.2 Rafaela \n \l
Before I used Ubuntu, several releases, but the Mint distribution suits 
me better.

So far it concerns KPhotoalbum I still work with 4.4
Of course it is my greatest wish to install the newest version but I 
don't succeed.
The file kphotoalbum-4.7.1.tar.xz is downloaded in the meantime but with 
no possibility I find the right way to install it.

I find the way to install those .tar.xz files so incredible complicated. 
Followed all the instructions and explanations on the Kphotoalbum site 
as well several fora, but nothing bring me the good result. I have to 
admit that most probably my knowledge of the English language is inadequate.

Could somebody conduct me through the installation procedure point by 
point and maybe even in Dutch or German which I can follow much better.

Would be very, very grateful if somebody could help me.
Many thanks in advance helping me.


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