[KPhotoAlbum] libkface move

Tobias Leupold tobias.leupold at web.de
Tue Oct 14 20:06:52 BST 2014

Hi list!

libkface has just been moved from extragear/libs to kdegraphics/libs, which 
means that there will be a release of libkface with each KDE release, 
independent of Digikam.

Digikam will also promote the use of the external library and, perhaps, one 
day stop to include the libkface sources in their releases. This will 
(hopefully/surely/early) lead to all distributors (not only Gentoo) creating 
an own package for libkface. This concerns KPA, as distributors will hopefully 
also build KPA packages with face management support, once a release including 
it will have been done.

Just to let you all know ;-)


Ps: There's still the category_settings_rebased branch hanging around with a 
lot of fixes and improvements for the category settings dialog. Esp. it fixes 
problems with localized category names. We definitely should merge it before 
doing a release including the face management functionality to avoid broken 
data in the face recognition database created by category l10n name issues.

Just in case somebody has nothing better to do than doing a small review of it 

Apart from this, there's also the supercategories branch with the super 
categories makeover ...

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