[KPhotoAlbum] Associating multiple tags with one area?

Tobias Leupold tobias.leupold at web.de
Mon Oct 13 21:28:11 BST 2014

Hi Hugues!

Speaking of how we can develop this in a nice way: how about the approach 
Johannes and I did initially when I started to create the positionable tags 
implementation? Simply clone the latest git master version of KPA and upload 
it to github. Create a branch and apply your patches there. This way, we can 
discuss and test the code there, and we can track the changes. Worked just 
fine :-)

About your patch (I just applied it and had a look at the result, I didn't 
check the code itself yet):

When doing a face detection, I get

	Object::connect: No such slot

for each added area. Probably, this is due to the changed definition of 
updateRecognitionDatabase() which is updateRecognitionDatabase(QAction *) now.

Speaking of face detection, there's another problem: if a tag is proposed for 
an area, but the tag (face) is added to another one, it was removed as a 
suggestion from all areas containing it (because some other face is actually 
the suggested one, and thus no other area can contain it). This is no longer 
the case with your patch.

This way, a newly added area can't be associated with a tag already contained 
by another area, but an area created by face detection containing a suggestion 
can be.

Another (small) thing is that if every positionable tag is associated with an 
area, there's still the "Associcate with" menu, which then shows an empty sub-
menu. I think it would be better if this menu would not show up at all if 
there's no tag left.

But after all, it seems to work, so I think we will get this running :-)


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