[KPhotoAlbum] Associating multiple tags with one area?

Hugues Ross hugues.ross at gmail.com
Sun Oct 5 21:06:32 BST 2014

On Sun, Oct 05, 2014 at 09:49:43PM +0200, Johannes Zarl wrote:
> I guess that GUI- and workflow-wise the feature can be implemented in a 
> relatively straight-forward way:
> The context-menu on an area would only need minor rephrasing:
> 1. Add [last added tag] to area
> 2. Add tag to area -> [Submenu with not-associated tags]
> 3. Remove tag from area -> [Submenu with associated tags]
> 4. Remove area from image
> (Ignoring the face detection menu entries)
> The replace operation should be a seldomly used one, and isn't currently 
> implemented, either. Thus, the workflow "add new tag, then remove old tag" 
> should work sufficiently enough.
> Database-wise, I don't really know how much this will affect efficient 
> handling of areas. As Hugues suggested, the easiest way to implement multiple 
> tags per area would be to store duplicate areas in the database, and deal with 
> them in the UI code.
> This way we would probably miss out on some opportunities for optimisation, 
> but otherwise I'm all in favour of not changing the database format.
> > I
> > noticed that there's some sort of extension/plugin mechanism. Would that be
> > capable of changing the UI to a great enough degree to implement this?
> You probably mean the KIPI-Plugins. You can't really change the UI through 
> these plugins. The idea behind KIPI is to share common functionality between 
> KDE image-related programs.
> > Thinking about this, maybe there could be a button to 'stack' areas
> > together? 'Stacked' areas could have some link or identifier that could be
> > generated simply by detecting perfect overlap, which should be extremely
> > rare in existing circumstances. With some kind of identifier or link,
> > making edits affect all areas in a stack shouldn't be too difficult. Once
> > in a stack(Which could be known by checking for this theoretical 'link'),
> > the menu could change to add new tags to the set, or remove existing ones
> > from it.
> I'm not sure about stacking areas. It seems to add more complexity for little 
> gain.
> > I've got a copy of the git repo now, so I'll be taking a look at the
> > relevant code sometime later. Hopefully I'll be able to at least try some
> > of these, and see for sure if they would actually work.
> Sure. If you need comments or help, just ask...
> Cheers,
>   Johannes
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Thanks for the feedback. I'll see if I can implement this without making
any changes to the database, and I'll get back to you if I have any 
questions. I'm not sure how long this will take to implement, but I 
don't think it'll be too bad.

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