[KPhotoAlbum] Associating multiple tags with one area?

Tobias Leupold tobias.leupold at web.de
Sun Oct 5 19:37:27 BST 2014

The intention behind the two menus is that the first entry shows the last 
selected positionable tag, so that it is accessible with just one click. We 
were thinking of a workflow as follows: add a tag, create an area, associate 
the tag with the area. The second menu shows, if there are any, all other 
selected positionable tags, which are possible candidate tags for the area.

So, without changing the behavior, you can't use the second menu to add 
additional tags. For each tag, the user would e. g. have to be able to choose 
between "Replace tag" and "Add tag", with all candidates visible to all areas.

Perhaps, there's a nice way to do it, but we do have to keep the GUI usable 
and clear (it's already quite a lot of work to mess with the area stuff ;-). 
Perhaps, a third menu could be added like "Add additional tags" with a list of 
all tags that are selected but not associated with the area the context menu 
is triggered on. Along with a third menu for removing tags.

But you also have to think about how to put it in the database, how to get it 
out and how to handle the loaded data (area moving, area removing, tag 
renaming ...). In the database, we have a tag->area mapping. In the annotation 
dialog, we have the opposite: the tag data is stored inside the area classes 
and translated to the actual data when changing pictures or applying the 

I think we would have to change the way the data is stored in the data 
objects, as all this is currently intended to be used with one tag per area. 
After all, I'm not sure if we could add this without problems ...

Perhaps, Johannes will also comment on this, he also did quite a lot of work 
on the positionable tag implementation.

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